What Should I Expect During The Water Damage Restoration Process

water damage restoration mooresville, water damage repair mooresville, water damage cleanup mooresvilleThere is a lot that goes into the water damage restoration process. Understandably, you would probably like to know everything that goes on during water damage restoration if your home is affected by a flood. That way you can at least know where your home is in the process of being restored and what you can expect next. Here is a simple outline of the water damage restoration process we follow at Firestorm Restoration in Mooresville so you can know what to expect if your home ever floods. 

Water Damage Restoration In Mooresville

Inspection And Assessment

The first step of any water damage restoration job is performing an initial inspection of the home. This will allow the restoration technicians to give you a quote of the expected time and cost that will go into the restoration process. It’s important that your restoration contractor clearly communicates these facts with you so you know what to expect. 

Removal Of Standing Water

This is one of the most important steps: removal of standing or stagnant water from your home. The process is actually much less difficult than you may think. The amount of time this step takes differs depending on the type of layer that is being dried, the room size, and the total amount of water that is present.


Once any stagnant water has been removed, the time has come to start drying out your home. The contractor will bring different kinds of air movers to help with the flowing of air throughout the room. Some of these methods may sound extreme, but they are making efforts to dry the home without demolishing and rebuilding, which could mean additional weeks of the project timeline.


Containment is an important aspect of making the restoration process move forward more effectively. Essentially, it entails taping off the flooded areas so the heat and suction to remove the water aren’t wasted on any non-flooded areas. 

Cleaning And Sanitizing

A common misconception about floodwater is that it is composed of clean, pure water. However, this is rarely the case. Floodwater often contains high levels of contamination which means simply removing the water isn’t sufficient. You will also need to thoroughly clean and sanitize all the areas affected by the floodwater before your home is safe to be in again. 

Contents Restoration

Last of all, is content restoration. Any of your possessions that were damaged by the flood are shipped off to receive specialized restoration care. Your restoration contractor should consult with you on which items are candidates for contents restoration so you can decide to repair or replace them. 

Transparency and communication are essential elements of the relationship between you and your water damage restoration contractor. The entire point of this post is to clarify what you should expect from a contractor so you know what to expect if your home ever undergoes the water damage restoration process. At Firestorm Restoration in Mooresville,  we are committed to transparency and communication with all our clients so don’t hesitate to give us a call if your home ever floods.

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