Your Indianapolis Home And Water Damage Restoration

water damage restoration indianapolis, water damage indianapolis, water damage cleanup indianapolisWater damage is one of the most destructive hazards that can occur within your home. Not only is it destructive, but it is also an extremely common problem. Thus, if your home ever floods, it’s important that you know which parts of your home to prioritize. Acting quickly to save these items from the floodwater is well worth your while as it can save you considerable time and money during the water damage restoration process. One way you can act quickly is by contacting a professional cleaning and water damage restoration company for help without delay. At Firestorm Restoration in Indianapolis, we are one such company dedicated to ensuring you receive the best quality water damage restoration service available. 


Drywall is easily one of the most water-sensitive materials in your home. This is the case because of how absorbent and frail drywall is. Even after exposure to floodwater for just an hour, drywall can incur significant damage. This is another reason why promptly removing floodwater from your home after a flood is so important. Doing so will minimize the amount of time your drywall is exposed to the water, saving you repair costs and hopefully making it so you don’t have to replace your drywall entirely. 


Your carpet is another part of your home that has a high level of vulnerability to water damage. Of course, the extent of the damage varies a great deal according to the type of carpet in your home. The main problem to avoid, however, is when the floodwater penetrates underneath your carpet and saturates the subflooring. It can be very difficult to remove water from the subfloor, and you may even need to replace it if it gets bad enough. 


Furniture is expensive so you should make it a high priority to remove it from contaminated waters after a flood. The main reason this is important is because of how absorbent furniture is. In just a few minutes, it can be completely saturated with floodwater. You can at least minimize its exposure by moving it to dry ground out of the floodwater as soon as you can. 

Wood Floors

Wood floors are a great addition to any home, but they are also easily damaged by floodwater. Certain types of wood are very porous which causes them to absorb large amounts of water in a flood. Because of the water, the wood will swell and buckle over time. Not only is this unsightly, but it may force you to replace your wood floor entirely. 


When water damage comes from above (like when you have a leaky roof) your ceiling is a concern for water damage. This usually presents itself as unsightly staining or discoloration. Be sure to call your water damage restoration immediately if you come across this problem.

Water Damage Restoration In Indianapolis

Don’t let your home sustain any unnecessary damage from a flood! Prioritize the items listed above and you should be able to save them from considerable damage. To do this, call the water damage restoration experts of Firestorm Restoration in Indianapolis for help without delay after a flood.

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