Mooresville Home Care Tips to Prevent Water Damage

water damage mooresville, water damage restoration mooresville, water damage cleanup mooresvilleSome places are more susceptible to water damage than others depending on the heat, humidity, or rainfall. With Mooresville’s hot, muggy summers and cold, wet winters damage could become a problem. With such a prime climate for damage to occur, it is important to take the necessary steps to prevent water damage from occurring. The experts at FireStorm Restoration would like to introduce certain house care-taking tips that can be followed to prevent water damage in your home. Though these tips won’t ensure that you will never have an issue with water damage, it will greatly help in preventing it. 

Water Damage In Mooresville 

Clean The Gutters

Gutters are helpful gadgets that take water that could have caused problems for your home to a good place where it will drain away from your home. However, gutters can become clogged by leaves or other debris that gets blown into them. When this happens gutters can be more harmful than helpful. Clogged gutters will lead to water running down the side of your house and open up a doorway for possible water damage. Make sure to clean your gutters often. If needed, your gutters can be extended so they carry the water further away from your house or to a different location that will protect your house the best.

Routinely Check Your Pipes And Appliances

Many water issues arise from broken pipes and broken appliances. A good way to prevent that from happening is to routinely check on them. As you check them, look for rust and cracks that could lead to something bigger. Routine checkups and fix-ups if needed, will save you from a disaster.

Protect Your Basement

Nobody wants a flooded basement. In order to protect your basement, you can reseal it and paint it with water sealant. In addition, if you see any holes or gaps, the small ones can be plugged up with caulk or you can have it repaired professionally. 

Slope Your Yard

Water is affected by gravity. It will run downward. So to prevent water from running into your home, slope your yard away from your house to ensure that water flow is running away from your home. This will prevent water from pooling and seeping into your foundation or running into your window wells and eventually your home. 

Hurricane Preparation

Mooresville is in a very low risk hurricane location but  has been touched by hurricanes before and they can be devastating. Preparation may seem trivial to some but can be a life-saver if the circumstance came up. It is good to clean up around the yard and trim plants and trees so they are not blown around and can make holes or gashes in your house. As well, be sure to install storm shutters to protect your windows from breaking in the storm. 

Preparation takes work but it is better to be prepared and prevent the  damage rather than paying for it later. Safe rather than sorry. Even with preparation, water damage can still occur. Don’t stress. Live in peace knowing you did everything you could to prevent it and call in the professionals at FireStorm Restoration to help you get it cleaned up.

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