Bathroom Water Damage Cleanup: What It Looks Like

water damage cleanup mooresville, water damage mooresville, water damage repair mooresvilleThe bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house.  It’s where some of your most private happenings take place, including taking a shower.  Because it’s so often used, you want to be sure it’s as clean as possible.  You may clean every week or even every day, but there are a few places in your bathroom that may be easy to miss when you are trying to dry out the room.  If not cleaned properly, your bathroom can become the perfect storm for water damage and cleanup costs.  Here are three places in your bathroom to watch for water damage.

Under The Sink

A leaky faucet could be wasting over 5 gallons of water per day and can pool water around the base of the sink and in the under-sink cabinet.  This can lead to corrosion of the pipes, mold growth around the faucet, and wood rot in the cabinetry.  This is of particular concern if you happen to live in one of Mooresville’s more historic homes.  The corrosion may be subtle, the wood rot may be under the surface, and the mold growth may be hiding underneath the sealant.  While experts suggest retouching your caulk or other sealants about every five years, it is highly recommended you replace it if you’ve had a recent flood serious enough that it may have seeped below.

Around The Base Of The Tub

The shower is constantly wet or moist.  If you have a standing shower, the water is usually flung high against the walls.  If you have a tub or basin as well, the water can be flung out sideways, getting the entire bathroom wet.  If the room isn’t allowed to dry completely before it becomes wet again, water damage can gradually erode grout, grow mold, and de-laminate or swell flooring material, causing an unstable ground beneath the tub.  At best, water damage around the base of the tub is unsightly and unsanitary.  At worst, the water damage that leads to an unstable floor just outside the shower can lead to serious injuries, including slips, falls, and head injuries.

Around The Base Of The Toilet

Toilet water damage can cost thousands of dollars if left to sit.  The tiling around the toilet can become stained, corroded, and weakened, leading to unsightly flooring in your bathroom.  There are also usually bolts and screws at the base of the toilet to keep the appliance in place.  If these become rusted or otherwise damaged from the leaking water, they’ll need to be replaced.  Not only can it be expensive, but it can also be dangerous.  If the water causing the damage is backed up sewage water leaking onto the floor, this can be a highly toxic situation and should never be cleaned by anyone other than a professional.

Water Damage Cleanup In Mooresville

If your bathroom does experience any amount of water damage, be sure to contact Firestorm Restoration, who will be able to clean and repair what damage there may be.

Firestorm Restoration of Mooresville, Indiana is a family owned and operated water damage cleanup service company.  With an IICRC certification, the technicians and professionals are able to provide knowledge of property structure and the industry, experience, skill, and dependability that is impossible to find anywhere else.  While the technicians and professionals at Firestorm are equipped with the most advanced cleanup technology and maintain expertise in estimating of reconstruction, repair, and cleanup, you have the power to decide which services they employ to restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

Using the bathroom is necessary.  Water damage is not.  But when the two mix, calling Firestorm Restoration of Mooresville, Indiana is not only necessary, but the only way to get the best water damage cleanup service in the industry.

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