Spring Cleaning


Well, to us here in Indiana it may not seem like it but as the weeks go on the days will get warmer. After being locked up during that extended winter in your home, I’m sure you have found some things that need a little bit of help. Whether it be; cleaning, repairs, or even just a little touch up. Here is a list of 25 spring cleaning items that may help you get out of your mood of the winter blues.

1. Dusting fans, ledges, window sills, blinds, stair cases, and walls
2. While you’re dusting the walls you may notice you need to touch up your paint (WE CAN HELP!)
3. Cleaning out air vents (WE CAN HELP!)
4. Remove and vacuum rugs & vacuum carpet
5. Clean carpet for stains and dirt – don’t forget the stairs (WE CAN HELP!)
6. Scrub wood, vinyl, and tile flooring – don’t forget the stairs
7. Clean furniture for stains and dirt
8. Deep clean bathrooms; floor, toilets, sinks, organize under the sink and drawers – don’t forget the kitchen too
9. Clean out pantry, refrigerator and freezer, throw away old food and trash, scrub and organize
10. Check all light bulbs and replace old warn out ones
11. Check smoke detector batteries and replace them anyways
12. Go through closet, put everything that doesn’t fit or you don’t want in a trash bag and donate it.
13. Same goes for all old shoes, bags, belts, etc. – organize
14. Wash all bed sheets, comforters, blankets, pillows and pillow cases
15. Have kids? Disinfect toys
16. Wash stuffed animals
17. Organize toy closets/rooms
18. Check throughout house or apartment for any repairs that need to be done (WE CAN HELP!)
19. Plug in/put out air fresheners, light candles of your favorite scent and enjoy
20. Check the landscaping outside; plant new flowers
21. Pull weeds
22. Replace mulch/gravel/rocks/bricks
23. Mow the lawn
24. Organize the garage
25. Get rid of any unused sports equipment, toys, or random trash laying around

Once you have done all of this and probably more, you will most likely be worn out but definitely feel accomplished. Now you are able to enjoy your clean and fresh smelling home!

If there is anything that I mentioned on this list that we can help with, feel free to call us, Firestorm Restoration Indianapolis at (317) 937-6890 and we will keep you satisfied with your spring cleaning.

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