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​​Fire and Water Damage disrupts the normal pattern of life, and can involve
a lot of emotional stress.  People often felt confused and vulnerable after events of this type. 
However, it is important to make good decisions, because you will be living with the results
long after the stress and confusion have passed.

After a flood or water damage, the harm done often reaches far beyond just physical damage. At the first sight of water damage, call us for an on-site water damage repair assessment. Something you don't want to attempt on your own is water damage restoration or water damage cleaning.   Health risks can result from water damage so our qualified team arrives with flood damage restoration equipment for your needs. 

Firestorm makes it easy to repair your house from water damage offering a quick response with a caring touch. We understand how upsetting water damage can be so the team will assess the damage, evaluating the key areas involved with the harm caused by a flood or water damage.  Primary water damage can also cause secondary damage, which potentially can be damaging to structure and contents.  Knowing structure is key to a speedy and effective restoration of a water damage.  We restore fire and water damage to your property of every nature including flood damage and damage from frozen pipes.

Firestorm is a full service restoration company serving but not limited to the Indianapolis area.  Our fully trained and experienced water damage team of contractors is capable of completing all needed tasks in one job. The cleanup due to water damage requires a knowledgeable yet timely approach.   Firestorm Restoration is your one-stop shop for a complete and efficient job well done!  With our 24/7, year round availability, our restoration water damage company is always ready to quickly respond to your water damage needs.

After we assess the water damage, you decide which services you'd like us to employ. The choice is yours! And when you're ready, Firestorm will be there to help with all your water damage needs!

Here are some helpful tips if you're ever a victim of water damage:
  • Do not vacuum wet floors or carpets after a flood.
  • Turn on ceiling fans and box fans throughout the house to help the drying process.
  • Blot as much water as you can with large towels.
  • Hang water damaged clothes up to dry.
  • If there is standing water in any room, do not enter if the electricity is still on.

Whether you have water damage in Marion, Johnson or Shelby county or need emergency water extraction in Boone,
we serve the surrounding counties and Indianapolis cities. Complete water damage cleanup and repairs in Indianapolis and surrounding areas throughout Central Indiana. For immediate service in Indianapolis call (317) 937-6890. 
In Bloomington, call (812) 650-0337 or in Columbus, call (812) 565-2474.

Flood and Water Damage Restoration Indianapolis

Flood & Water Damage Restoration